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Premier Elite Drum Kit - Nicko McBrain 24 Give Me Ed Till Im Dead


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Quick Overview

This is an exact replica of Nicko’s Premier Elite touring kit featuring the Iron Maiden’s iconic mascot “Eddie” featuring the Eddie Sphinx logo bass drum head

R.R.P. $14,999.00 

11-piece shell pack 
6x6" Maple Rack Tom 
8x8” Maple Rack Tom 
10x10" Maple Rack Tom 
12x12" Maple Rack Tom 
13x13" Maple Rack Tom 
14x14" Maple Rack Tom 
15x15" Maple Rack Tom 
16x16" Maple Rack Tom 
18x16" Maple Floor Tom 
18X24" Gen X Bass Drum 
5.5X14" Maple Snare Drum 
3 x Extended double tom stands 
1 x Extended double tom holder 

North American 7 ply Maple Shells 
w/Gen-X (2 ply Birch + 5 ply Maple) Bass Drum  
5.7mm un-supported shells 
3mm undersize toms and floor toms  
internally lacquered shell 
Diamond Chrome lugs  
2.3mm triple-flange steel hoops 
Nyloc lug inserts 
Remo drumheads