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Repair & Maintenance

Cecere's Music Centre has been repairing & maintaining instruments since the 1960s and offers Repair &  Maintenace services for all instruments and electronical equipment. Our friendly staff are available 6 days a week, so bring your instruments in to the store and we'll handle the rest!


Fretted Orchestral Electronic




Your Guitar is a lot like your car, they need regular servicing to keep them playing and sounding at their best. Here at Cecere's Music we services all the instruments here in store and all you need to do is drop your guitar in store and we'll do the rest.

We Sevice all types of guitars and basses, from a simple string change and clean to complete repairs to broken guitars.

For more information please give us a call on (08) 8331 9246 and ask one of our friendly staff for more information

  • Restrings
  • Setups
  • Nut Replacement
  • Structural Repairs
  • Full & Partical Refret
  • Pickup Installation
  • Electronic Repairs including Pickup,Pots and Wiring.



At Cecere's Music we know that your orchestral instruments need to be in superb playing form, So if your instrument isn't playing like it use to or has been damanged, we can help you out!! 

  • Restrings
  • Sound post fitting/replacement
  • Bridge Fitting
  • Setups
  • Pad Replacement
  • Structural Repairs


Cecere's Music offers affordable, high-quality electronic repair services for anything musical and electronic! from digital pianos, guitar ampliers and everything in between! So give us a call or just drop your equipment in to the store and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Keyboards
  • Amplifers
  • Speakers
  • PA Gear
  • Pedals
  • Much much more!